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WEEK 3 – I Saw Her Standing There

I SAW HER STANDING THERE – sheet music and chord diagrams


we learnt 3 new chords this week so we could do our first beatles song! woo!! if it was up to me we would do beatles songs ALL the time but i am going to try and ration them out. this is one of my favourites because it is so much fun to sing and relatively easy to play. the chords are E7, A7 and B7, which are DOMINANT 7th chords (and there is a little C thrown in too). i have attached a poor quality video of me playing it so you can remember the rhythm and see how the chords are played but of course you can get the sheet music here too. ENJOY!

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May 29, 2012 · 7:25 pm

White Sandy Beach – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

thank you to one of the u16 orchestra members for telling me about this incredible hawaiiaan ukulele player, israel. this song is so beautiful and simple and his voice just gorgeous. maybe i am a sucker songs that contain ocean sounds and/or ukuleles (can’t think of any others that have both!)…but this just melted me a little today.

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May 23, 2012 · 10:34 pm

Week 2 – we learnt Am!

STAND BY ME – sheet music

Stand By Me – arrangement

i was so pleased to see how many people came back for week 2! ‘three little birds’ and ‘don’t worry be happy’ were sounding great last night and we were really starting to strum together as a group. i think that those of us who love singing will find our voices as we develop our strumming. initially it is difficult to get the two things going at once (someone described it last week as trying to pat you head and rub your tummy at the same time)! but stick with it! it will come!

so last night we learned Am (an nice easy 1 finger chord!) and started to learn ‘stand by me’ – one of my favourite songs. have a listen to the arrangement with the lead parts and see how you get on.


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Ukulele’s on Radio 4!

i just heard about this book ‘the uke of wallington’ as it is book of the week on radio 4! i love the fact this guy didn’t start playing his ukulele until he was 57…and now he does gigs all over the country spreading ukulele joy wherever he goes. check out his website for more info and clips.

 or find the audio version on radio 4 here

this book is definitely going on my wish list!




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Audio files!

Three Little Birds

Don’t Worry Be Happy

ok so i have figured out how to upload the little demos of how the arrangements work! have a listen with the sheet music infront of you and see if you can pick out the three parts; 1 strumming, 2 lead parts.

happy playing!


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Song sheets from 1st session (14th May 2012) UPDATED!

THREE LITTLE BIRDS Bob Marley – hopefully this one works now!


it was so cool to meet everyone who came tonight! can’t wait til next week!

all the chords and lyrics are there….as well as the ‘tab’ (the weird dotted lines with numbers on!). we touched on learning the tab for these songs tonight but would love to develop this aspect of the orchestra…have a go at the tab and see what you think. like i said tonight, tab is GREAT because it is easy to read (the numbers correspond with where to put your finger on which fret and string) however…it can be weird because it doesn’t tell what RHYTHM to play or which finger to use.

so i will upload some audio of the arrangements…just as soon as i figure it out…then you can have a listen to and play along!



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It’s our first orchestra today and i am really excited about it!

so i thought i would set up a blog to post all the songs we will be doing together, along with audio clips so people can listen at home! so if you have any song suggestions – please let me know.

in the meantime i am going to get my head around the whole blog idea!


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