Week 9 – Practise really does make perfect

thought you might like to see a cool picture of guys in grass skirts playing their ukes!!


ok back to last night…. so maybe practise doesn’t make ‘perfect’…who wants to be perfect anyway?! but i thought we made some really great progress last night. i was slightly apprehensive about getting people to play the same chords round and round (hopefully people will be back next week!) but it really is the only way to develop that muscle memory and improve our dexterity. i am sure i am not the only one who heard the improvements by the end of the session. so keep practising because the songs are sounding better and better every week. the singing is also getting louder too…woo hoo!

so for those of you who missed last night (or are thinking of coming along for the first time) we are working on the same 5 songs (all of which you can find the resources for by clicking on the tag menu down the right hand side of this page). but we will be focussing on it’s Now or Never CHORDS and LYRICS, STAND BY ME and THREE LITTLE BIRDS over the next few weeks. have a look at the RECAP  page to find the chords and stuff we have learnt too.

also i thought i would mention the incredible work the Junior OUO have been doing on HARD DAY’S NIGHT and HERE COMES THE SUN. (they requested the songs so i cannot be accused of forcing beatles arrangements on them!) they really are working hard on the arrangements and always impress me with their enthusiasm and commitment. i am hoping that more young people want to join them in september so please spread the word. Beginners (age 6-9) meet 4pm-4.30pm and Junior OUO (age 10+) 5pm-5.45pm.

keep practising and get in touch with any ukulele related questions/trivia/awesome photos


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