Our First Gig! Sunday 22nd July 2012…

SO excited about getting the opportunity to play our first gig at the ANNUAL OTLEY STREET FESTIVAL! We will be performing 4 songs starting from 3.30pm in the Market Square. the weather forecast is unseasonably SUNNY + WARM!! so there is no excuse to not come down and see us do our thing for the first time. it will be an historic moment!

yesterday, me and bob went to see a stage set up that will be similar to the one on sunday. we met mick and discussed the sound and the nightmare that is mic-ing up ukuleles! we tried out a few different options (this is sounding slightly nerdy i know) but we agreed that the best sound came from little mics that stick on to the actual body of the uke. we don’t have enough of these to go round but some of us will gather around the other mics that sounded great too.  you can just make out the stick on mics in the photo below….

hope you can come down and show your support for the OUO….it’s going to be fun for us (but also i imagine slightly nerve-wracking!)



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