Our Second Outdoor OUO! 20th August 2012

well we were lucky to have the second ever outdoor orchestra in the sunshine this last monday  (even if we were being overlooked by regulars of the ring o’bells!!)

we did some really good work consolidating THREE LITTLE BIRDS and MR TAMBOURINE MAN (Chords + Lyrics) this week. we really concentrated on the lead parts making the songs come alive. i couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed on monday  – but the progress made in that short time was amazing. it really is great to see people having a go at the lead parts and pushing themselves to improve skills.

so next monday is bank holiday and we will be meeting up as usual…and going for a pint after too! don’t forget to bring a blue (any shade) t-shirt/top (cotton/not shiny) if you want to get an official OUO logo for our next performance! not only are we going to sound amazing but we are going to look HOT too!




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