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Get learning this one!

Just a quick post this eve to let you know we are learning a new song to perform at the Teal Beck Residential Home here in Otley on Monday 1st October. meet us at the woolpack at 6pm!

We worked really hard this week and got loads done…including new chords and a rock riff!!

check out the youtube video here

to play along to SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY, which we will be playing on Monday.


apologies for the rushed blog this eve! more to come later…..including photos from saturday evening. it was an awesome gig by the way!!




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here is a little demo of MONKEY MAN for you all to familiarise yourself with! i think it will work really well with all of us making a massive racket. and it really gets a crowd going too!


MONKEY MAN lyrics and chords


who says smiles aren’t contagious!?

happy friday everyone



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This week at Junior OUO….

i never go on about the junior OUO but i should do more….and i will. i thought you would like to know what they are getting up to these days!

the suggestion this week was GET BACK by the beatles and of course i was happy to oblige! i love that THEY love the beatles almost as much as me!! i am really looking forward to going through all the parts together on saturday morning (we now meet at 9am on saturdays during the school term).

so here are the Get Back LYRICS AND CHORDS, the Get Back TAB and a little blast of what it sounds like (excuse the voice – still recovering from a weird throaty cough thing) Get Back AUDIO.


in other news i was happy to accompany a friend who was buying a ukulele today. we had a great road trip to HOBGOBLIN in leeds. YOU HAVE TO GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO BUY A UKE! and take me with you!! they have some incredible ukuleles for sale and the staff were so helpful and happy for us to try (nearly all of them) out. i loved the carvalho portuguese ukes but will have to save up a bit first!!

AND don’t forget our gig this saturday….really hope to see a lovely crowd there singing along with us. the old cock, otley 6.30pm….BE THERE!



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week 15 – 17.09.12

hey everyone!

so we learned a couple of new songs things week – although to be honest the majority of our efforts went into making sure our gig this saturday (did i mention we had a gig?!) will be enjoyed both by participant and audience!

trying to find new songs that are a) upbeat b) unexpected and c) popular with most people in the OUO is a matter of great concern to me….so please send me your requests!! in the will have to put up with my ideas!

however, we did give DOMINO – jessie j a go (far too high for me to sing – i now have new found respect for her – yes – she is a her!) as well as MONKEY MAN lyrics and chords. i love monkey man; especially the original 1969 toots and the maytals version. i have fond memories of playing and dancing to this song. cue instant good vibes!

check out toots and the maytals performing this live….

and so the otley folk festival draws near….don’t forget you can see us live a the old cock, 6.30pm on saturday 22nd….and also keep your eyes and ears open for news of our secret sunday performance….you just never know where we might pop up!


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something to brighten up your rainy wednesday afternoon…

ugh – the weather’s awful. which is good because it has given me the opportunity to get my uke out and record a little version of i’m a believer – which we did on monday.

i have recorded it slightly slower than it should be….it is reflecting my slow pace today!!

anyhoo…hope you enjoy playing along (find the music to follow here – I’m a Believer) whilst listening along to the MP3 which you can get by clicking here! – i’m a believer MP3


ps – please don’t forget to tell EVERYONE about our gig at the old cock (otley), saturday 22nd sept, 6.30pm!

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week 14 (10.09.12) – what a productive evening?!

well as you know monday is my favourite day of the week as the OUO pretty much brightens my whole week…let alone day! and what better way to spend your monday evening than singing cool songs on cool ukuleles with cool people?!

tonight we had 2 sessions and i hope everyone felt as uplifted as i did from working hard at the new songs and enjoying the fact that they sounded instantly brilliant! surely a sign that we are working so well as an orchestra…each person finding their own role in each song. i also LOVED the fact that the new people who came along for the first or second time tonight gave so much energy and were helped (when needed!) by those who have been coming for a while. basically – you can tell i am feeling the ukulele love tonight!!

anyways….back to business – find the new songs we did here (EIGHT DAYS A WEEKI’m a BelieverI’m a Believer – TAB) – watch this space for the audio and video!

here comes the obligatory picture this week…. 

and don’t forget – spread the word about our otley folk festival appearance – the old cock, otley, 22.09.12. it’s going to be AMAZING!


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