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the witching hour is close at hand…..

hello everyone!

apologies for the lack of activity on the blog over the last couple of weeks. we have had some great sessions over the last month and it has been lovely to welcome new people to the 6.30pm session and the 7.30pm session. beginners/curious people are always welcome to the first session – i am always at the woolpack from 6pm if you want to turn up before hand for a chat or a quick beginners guide to the uke – we have a few available to borrow if you want to come and try it out!

so in the first session we have looked at the following songs over the past few weeks….

Cecilia – simon and garfunkel’s foot stomping classic

LET IT BE – slightly odd key for us ladies to sing (i think so anyway)


THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN – a request from some of our regulars….i didn’t know it all that well but it sounded so good it is going in the set on wednesday!


which brings me nicely on to wednesday 31st october and SPOOK-U-LELE!

we have dedicated the 7.30pm session to these songs for the last month or so – and i think you can really tell we have worked hard at them.

here is the running order for wednesday SPOOK . this is subject to change!!! but i had a think and tried to imagine how the songs would work together!

i just wanted to let people know that this is going to be FUN! and a few wrong chords/bum notes here and there really do not matter. i don’t mind if you have been to 1 session or all of them – come and be involved! if we show the audience how much fun we have playing it – we cannot fail in spreading the ukulele love. otley has never seen anything like this and i am so proud to be involved in something so great and with all you lovely people!

ok enough of this – it’s getting emotional!

as always get in touch with any questions/queries/suggestions




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i have never been so excited about halloween…ever!

maybe it is to do with my childhood (we were encouraged to be more ‘churchy’ as opposed to trick-or-treaty on halloween) but i have never really been into the whole halloween, spooky dressing up thing, pumpkin lanterns and stuff. that was until SPOOK-U-LELE came into existence!!

last night we worked on a couple of more songs for the gig (did i mention we were playing at he old cock, 31st october from 7pm???!)


The Monster Mash – chords and lyrics

GHOSTBUSTERS – chords and lyrics, Ghostbusters TAB


BLACK MAGIC WOMAN chords and lyrics and Black Magic Woman TAB

THRILLER amended

and in non-spooky related playing we had a right good sing with this 1969 classic


did anyone else see art garfunkel on the one show this evening?!?! his hair is exactly the same style and colour as it was in 1969!!

anyhoo – back on topic – it was another great session yesterday even though i pushed the groups hard with some new chords and new songs and general craziness as the 31st draws ever nearer.

there are also more gig opportunities coming in so please make a note of the following dates:

weds 31st oct – the old cock otley, 7pm – a great sing along with some spooky songs thrown in

fri 16th nov – otley beer festival (rugby club) – time to be confirmed (will be evening)

sun 9th dec – victorian fayre/woolpack open day – time to be confirmed (will be afternoon)

mon 10th dec – teal beck residential home 6.30pm – we will be entertaining the residents with some songs they have requested!

mon 17th dec – woolpack christmas party and showcase at the courthouse from 7pm


so yep…that world tour is getting ever closer! i hope that you will be able to participate in any or all of the gigs either as players or adoring fans!

keep practising you guys and hopefully see you next monday for more ukulele based shenanigans




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saturday sessions with the junior ouo

Every saturday morning during the school term we meet at the woolpack, otley at 9am for the junior otley ukulele orchestra.

we have been going the same time as the adult orchestra (except we had a break in the summer term) and recently we have seen the membership go from strength to strength.

if you know any young people (we have students from year 5 upwards) that would love to come and give it a go then we would love to welcome them into our ukulele gang!


here are the songs we are working on at the moment….

DOMINO – jessie j


PARADISE – coldplay


i really love the saturday sessions – what better start to the weekend than with enthusiastic and lovely young people who want to play ukulele?!

for more details check out the flyer below or the website for what goes on at the woolpack…. 

you can also get in touch with me through the blog.

until next week!



(the bottom bit is missed off….not really sure why?!)




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You’re not going to believe this…..!

it’s only the BEACH BOYS doing MONSTER MASH!!!!

i know i am getting obsessed with the spook-u-lele idea but this is a classic! so get ready with your backing vocals as we will learn this on monday!

happy weekend y’all


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8th October 2012 – new songs, new chords and new faces!

i was absolutely over the moon to welcome some new people along tonight and hope that they enjoyed it! we covered a lot of material and it made me think how much we have come and how much we have covered in the 6 short months we have been going. there were some great moments for me this evening – learning QUE SERA SERA was one of them (this was requested by the residents of Teal Beck after last week) and how lovely it sounded right from the first run through.

we also revisited I Walk the Line (amended)Get Back (amended)SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY and THRILLER amended!!! also on the SPOOK-U-LELE vibe we learnt a new scary song (there will be one a week until the gig – be warned!!!) BLACK MAGIC WOMAN chords and lyrics which sounded AWESOME, especially with the lead parts….which you can find here Black Magic Woman TAB. even in the short time we had left at the end the parts were all coming together.

and the guys at our favourite otley pub hang out (the old cock) are excited about our gig on 31st october – it’s going to be a great night so please make sure you have your witches hat and broomstick ready! the poster is up so it is official – a massive THANK YOU to richard for helping make my poster idea an actual poster…. i was pretty bossy 😉 !






playing the ukulele with us is guaranteed to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!



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THRILLER tutorial

check out the sheet music to play along THRILLER amended…lead parts and spooky monologue to be added later!

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October 3, 2012 · 2:40 pm

i ain’t afraid of no ghost!

ok everyone it’s time to start gettting excited/prepared for our up and coming SPOOK-U-LELE gig – 31st October, the old cock 7pm. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say you can come….if you want to play that  would be amazing….if you just want to watch us play in silly wigs you would be more than welcome!

last night we learnt the first of our spooky songs…… THRILLER amended which sounded so so cool even after 20 minutes! the timings are slightly complex (nothing we can’t handle!) so i will post a little video/audio version of it as soon as possible.

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