8th October 2012 – new songs, new chords and new faces!

i was absolutely over the moon to welcome some new people along tonight and hope that they enjoyed it! we covered a lot of material and it made me think how much we have come and how much we have covered in the 6 short months we have been going. there were some great moments for me this evening – learning QUE SERA SERA was one of them (this was requested by the residents of Teal Beck after last week) and how lovely it sounded right from the first run through.

we also revisited I Walk the Line (amended)Get Back (amended)SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY and THRILLER amended!!! also on the SPOOK-U-LELE vibe we learnt a new scary song (there will be one a week until the gig – be warned!!!) BLACK MAGIC WOMAN chords and lyrics which sounded AWESOME, especially with the lead parts….which you can find here Black Magic Woman TAB. even in the short time we had left at the end the parts were all coming together.

and the guys at our favourite otley pub hang out (the old cock) are excited about our gig on 31st october – it’s going to be a great night so please make sure you have your witches hat and broomstick ready! the poster is up so it is official – a massive THANK YOU to richard for helping make my poster idea an actual poster…. i was pretty bossy 😉 !






playing the ukulele with us is guaranteed to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!




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