i have never been so excited about halloween…ever!

maybe it is to do with my childhood (we were encouraged to be more ‘churchy’ as opposed to trick-or-treaty on halloween) but i have never really been into the whole halloween, spooky dressing up thing, pumpkin lanterns and stuff. that was until SPOOK-U-LELE came into existence!!

last night we worked on a couple of more songs for the gig (did i mention we were playing at he old cock, 31st october from 7pm???!)


The Monster Mash – chords and lyrics

GHOSTBUSTERS – chords and lyrics, Ghostbusters TAB


BLACK MAGIC WOMAN chords and lyrics and Black Magic Woman TAB

THRILLER amended

and in non-spooky related playing we had a right good sing with this 1969 classic


did anyone else see art garfunkel on the one show this evening?!?! his hair is exactly the same style and colour as it was in 1969!!

anyhoo – back on topic – it was another great session yesterday even though i pushed the groups hard with some new chords and new songs and general craziness as the 31st draws ever nearer.

there are also more gig opportunities coming in so please make a note of the following dates:

weds 31st oct – the old cock otley, 7pm – a great sing along with some spooky songs thrown in

fri 16th nov – otley beer festival (rugby club) – time to be confirmed (will be evening)

sun 9th dec – victorian fayre/woolpack open day – time to be confirmed (will be afternoon)

mon 10th dec – teal beck residential home 6.30pm – we will be entertaining the residents with some songs they have requested!

mon 17th dec – woolpack christmas party and showcase at the courthouse from 7pm


so yep…that world tour is getting ever closer! i hope that you will be able to participate in any or all of the gigs either as players or adoring fans!

keep practising you guys and hopefully see you next monday for more ukulele based shenanigans




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  1. art garfunkel might be the undead, actually…

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