the witching hour is close at hand…..

hello everyone!

apologies for the lack of activity on the blog over the last couple of weeks. we have had some great sessions over the last month and it has been lovely to welcome new people to the 6.30pm session and the 7.30pm session. beginners/curious people are always welcome to the first session – i am always at the woolpack from 6pm if you want to turn up before hand for a chat or a quick beginners guide to the uke – we have a few available to borrow if you want to come and try it out!

so in the first session we have looked at the following songs over the past few weeks….

Cecilia – simon and garfunkel’s foot stomping classic

LET IT BE – slightly odd key for us ladies to sing (i think so anyway)


THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN – a request from some of our regulars….i didn’t know it all that well but it sounded so good it is going in the set on wednesday!


which brings me nicely on to wednesday 31st october and SPOOK-U-LELE!

we have dedicated the 7.30pm session to these songs for the last month or so – and i think you can really tell we have worked hard at them.

here is the running order for wednesday SPOOK . this is subject to change!!! but i had a think and tried to imagine how the songs would work together!

i just wanted to let people know that this is going to be FUN! and a few wrong chords/bum notes here and there really do not matter. i don’t mind if you have been to 1 session or all of them – come and be involved! if we show the audience how much fun we have playing it – we cannot fail in spreading the ukulele love. otley has never seen anything like this and i am so proud to be involved in something so great and with all you lovely people!

ok enough of this – it’s getting emotional!

as always get in touch with any questions/queries/suggestions




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