elvis, sparklers, cake and abba – a typical night with the otley ukulele orchestra!

i have to admit that i expected a quieter than normal session last night….but as it turns out it wasn’t just me who would rather play the ukulele in the warm than stand in the cold and coo at fireworks. that said – i at least wanted a sparkler so we marked the half way point in the forecourt at the woolpack with sparklers for all! it was fun and no one burnt any fingers so we could crack on with some playing for the last hour!

we covered lots of songs yesterday including 2 newies –

HOUND DOG – elvis presley. everyone attempted the riff too and it sounded so cool!!

MAMMA MIA – we looked at this in the second session as it has a few riff sections to it (MAMMA MIA TAB) but by the end of the evening it sounded really good….i wondered how well abba would go down but it’s a great pop tune with a catchy melody and nice chord changes – it was bound to sound even better played by us! 😉

we also looked at these songs throughout the session

THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUNQUE SERA SERAI Walk the Line (amended) and WILD MOUNTAIN THYME lyrics and chords

keep practising!

so the next event for us to think about is the OTLEY BEER FESTIVAL on FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER. time to be confirmed (hopefully by next week). i will put a set list together so we can run it next monday.


PS – picture of abba for you….note white jumpsuits/ thigh high boots….this will be your stage outfit at the otley beer festival. we set the trends round here!



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2 responses to “elvis, sparklers, cake and abba – a typical night with the otley ukulele orchestra!

  1. The String of Beads Contemporary Choir

    Who gets t
    o wear the decorators dungarees?

  2. Christine Relton

    Hi Jen, If you google ukulele hunt christmas theres a few suggestions. Have fun Tom

    Sent from my iPhone

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