what’s your favourite…..?!

i don’t know about anyone else but i thought that was a pretty intense (but awesome as always!) ukulele session this evening! we rattled through the songs and there was a lot to take in with the new chords, new songs and then in the second session, preparing for the gig on friday!

we spent some time tonight in the first session looking at a couple of newies…..

WE’LL MEET AGAIN – some lovely chord changes although some new ones to learn

BLUE CHRISTMAS – first christmas song of the season!

and we also revisited HOUND DOG from last week, then EIGHT DAYS A WEEK and I’m a Believer


in the second session we concentrated on the songs for friday. we are really excited about playing at the otley beer festival – hopefully there will be some samples left for us when we have finished 😀 !

check out the SET LIST FOR FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER and download/email me if you need any info or print outs etc.

we will be meeting and having a run through some of the songs at the woolpack 6pm-6.45pm (if you can make it) then walking to the rugby club for 7pm. on stage between 8pm and 8.30pm and we will play about an hour. please make sure you are at the rugby club for 8pm AT THE LATEST. if you have your OUO t-shirt then please wear that if not then something blue/white on the top half would be cool.

i can’t wait for FRIDAY!

final thought for the day…… F#dim! my new favourite chord!






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2 responses to “what’s your favourite…..?!

  1. The String of Beads Contemporary Choir

    are we ready for the brew-kelele this evening?

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