songs you never thought you would hear on a ukulele….but actually sound GREAT!

one of the things i wanted for our orchestra when it started was to do songs we all know and love that you might not a) expect to hear on a ukulele or b) have the guts to perform if it was just yourself on say a guitar or playing the piano. but there are so many great songs in the world – and some of the ones we have picked to work on as a group just make me smile from ear to ear as soon as we start playing them. i hope it has the same effect for people listening too!

of course we have been looking at our christmas songs over the past couple of weeks so thought i would just do the shortcuts to the music here so if you missed the session you can catch up.

CHRISTMAS SONGS (4 in total):


Last Christmas TAB

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU + All I Want for Christmas intro tab

these are not my arrangements Ukulele Christmas Song Book but in here you will find the chords and lyrics for LAST CHRISTMAS and I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY

we also looked at the songs for Teal Beck Residential Home (Monday 10th December – meet at woolpack 6pm or teal beck 6.30pm)





we’ll be playing for 30 minutes maximum so the other songs will be decided on monday.


for our up and coming performance at the courthouse (17th december) we will be joining forces with the OTLEY A CAPPELLA choir to sing this bing crosby and the andrew sisters song

we are doing a slightly different arrangement….have a listen to my demo version here

Mele Kalikimaka 3 part harmony with ukulele

sheet music to follow!!


remember the dates coming up

sunday 9th december – victorian christmas fayre/woolpack open day 2.30pm (1 hour max)

monday 10th december – teal beck residential home 6.30pm (30 mins)

saturday 15th december – sela bar leeds (time tbc probably around 7pm – 1 hour max)

monday 17th december – woolpack christmas show @ the courthouse from 7pm-10pm we will probably play for 45 mins and will be our last get together of 2012!!!!



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