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2012 in review – and what a year it’s been?!

here’s the 2012 annual report for our blog if you fancy a look!

really looking forward to starting up again on 7th jan 2013…..expect new songs, new techniques, gigs and a lorra lorra laughs.

happy new year ukulele lovers!



Click here to see the complete report.

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Our last gig (and meeting) of 2012….it’s on MONDAY!

hello everyone!

i am still buzzing after our sela bar gig last night. it was so much fun and everyone played and sang so well! we have had great feedback (and that’s not just from lovely people who are related to us in the audience) but actual strangers!

so this monday – we won’t be meeting at the woolpack. it’s our end of term show and the OUO are ‘headlining!’. so get your self down the courthouse in otley for 7.30pm and show your support for the other groups who use the woolpack, we’ll have a great night finished off with some ukulele.

our first meeting back in 2013 will be MONDAY 7th JAN.

new songs, new playing techniques and hopefully a few new recruits too!

see ya monday 😉


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It’s the most wonderful(ly busy) time of the year…..

hey everyone!

we have barely had time to put our ukulele’s away before we’re getting them out again at the moment….which is the way we like it!

we enjoyed 2 outings this weekend just gone.. i was so chuffed to see how many of the orchestra turned up to play at the otley victorian fayre/woolpack open day. we had a wonderful afternoon showing people around the woolpack and we packed out the room with our christmassy sing along. it also sounded amazing to have the otley a cappella choir sing with us too. i hope we can do much more of that in the future!

i especially enjoyed….

Mele Kalikimaka 3 part harmony with ukulele (MP3)





then on monday we turned out in our masses to entertain the residents of teal beck with some songs they requested




as well as some of our classics (and jingle bells!)


but the work didn’t stop there! oh no. i made everyone who stayed for the second session on monday rattle through at break neck speed some of the other songs we will be playing at our next 2 performances.


i really hope to see great crowds for these…..


15th december 5pm-7pm – we will be entertaining the christmas shoppers at the sela bar (new briggate, leeds) . we are so excited to play here. it’s my favourite bar in leeds and have seen so many great gigs here so i am so proud to be performing with my ukulele buddies on the sela stage!

17th december 7.30pm-10.30pm – the woolpack end of term show. we will performing at the courthouse, otley, along with the otley a cappella choir and the young people who come to our activities and projects. it’s going to be an incredible evening. and for only £3 in (if you’re not performing!) you do NOT want to miss this!


dates are already rolling in for 2013….it is going to be our year!


catch you on the flip side



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woolpack open day and otley victorian fayre – IT’S TODAY!

come down to the woolpack for 3pm to see members of the otley ukulele orchestra perform our christmassy songs for the first time this season! hope to see you there! 


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this has to be the highlight of my entire week….

you requested it! (well – some of you did!)

here is a recording of our rehearsal last night (BIG THANKS YET AGAIN TO RICHARD!!!) 🙂  it sounded so great that i wanted to share it with you and the world!

Should I Stay Or Should I Go_ – OUO 3.12.12

fancy playing along?? here is the sheet music – SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO

don’t forget – we are playing for the residents at teal beck next monday (10th december). meet at the woolpack for 6pm or see you at teal beck for 6.30pm. then we will come back to the woolpack for a quick run through the christmassy songs….and maybe a mince pie!

last night was brilliant and listening back to the rehearsal really made me hear how far we have come in this short time.

2013 will be our year – lots of fun together, lots of playing, singing, gigs and who knows….maybe even an ALBUM!!!!




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