this has to be the highlight of my entire week….

you requested it! (well – some of you did!)

here is a recording of our rehearsal last night (BIG THANKS YET AGAIN TO RICHARD!!!) 🙂  it sounded so great that i wanted to share it with you and the world!

Should I Stay Or Should I Go_ – OUO 3.12.12

fancy playing along?? here is the sheet music – SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO

don’t forget – we are playing for the residents at teal beck next monday (10th december). meet at the woolpack for 6pm or see you at teal beck for 6.30pm. then we will come back to the woolpack for a quick run through the christmassy songs….and maybe a mince pie!

last night was brilliant and listening back to the rehearsal really made me hear how far we have come in this short time.

2013 will be our year – lots of fun together, lots of playing, singing, gigs and who knows….maybe even an ALBUM!!!!





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