new songs, new chords and new techniques for the new year!

i have to tell you i am pretty excited about 2013 for the otley ukulele orchestra.

especially if tonight is anything to go by! it was lovely to welcome so many new faces and all the familiar ones that have become the highlight of my week. mondays totally rock.

so in the first hour this evening we looked at a few songs focussed on the holy trinity of ukulele chords, C, F and G.

a few oldies


You Are My Sunshine

and a newie (you all know by now how i love 1950s rock and roll)

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin Lead

this is a great tune as it is a 12 bar blues – the ‘lead’ part really adds that classic line to complete the rock n roll feel.

FOXY LADY – this also sounded AWESOME! you never thought it would sound awesome on a uke but believe brothers and sisters…it truly does

then in the second session (and thinking about our next valentines themed performance) we looked at these new ones…



unchained melody finger picking

i will post a video tutorial unchained melody as the finger-picking techniques can be difficult to master at first. but bear with it. it already sounds so lovely and dream like. all it takes is practise.

so more next week. at least one new love themed one coming up…our post-ouo gig pint at the old cock (best pub in otley) always results in some excellent song suggestions and musical revelations!

remember the junior ouo will be meeting for the first time this year this saturday (12th jan) at 9am. we have extended the session to an hour now…so we can really cram the new songs in!

see ya!


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