My Birthday Gingerbread Ukuleles!

Last night’s strum-a-thon session (anyone else’s fingers hurting today?!) was topped off with a helium balloon, gingerbread ukuleles and some lovely OUO members serenading me with happy birthday (accompanied of course on their ukuleles)! C, F and G – in case you were wondering!

Happy Birthday Jen

thanks nikki and janine for the awesome gingerbread!

Ginger Ukes

As you always use birthdays to do the whole “what has happened in the last year” thing, i realised that last year the OUO didn’t exist, i didn’t know all these lovely people, and i certainly wasn’t having this much fun on a weekly basis!!

Just wait until the OUO first birthday…..we’ll have a reet knees up!

back to last night then…

In the first session we did a bit of a greatest hits – having a sing through songs we have been working on this term.

Last night we ran the songs from the set in preparation for the gig next week. find the set list here…. WOOLPACK ALL STARS SHOWCASE mar13

Please bring as many people as you can to support us to the gig next monday at the courthouse! it’s going to be so much fun!

Coming up at our first session back after Easter (the next session in MON 8th APRIL) some new songs for us to learn together!

in the mean time….keep on strumming!



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2 responses to “My Birthday Gingerbread Ukuleles!

  1. can we do this? it’s special

  2. i like this too – & a good excuse to get TerryTwoStrings to sing 🙂

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