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From Twist and Shout to Take On Me (and a few others in between!)

Hello ukulele lovelies!

We sure have had a busy couple of days…

On Sunday 28th April, we played under the Butercross in Otley’s Market Square, as part of the Family Fun Day and Farmers Market. We were delighted that so many people stayed and watched us play – we even got asked for an encore! We loved playing – despite it being cold and windy… thank goodness we remembered the pegs for our music. Thank you to all of you who came to play… and those of you who stayed to watch!

Last night at the first session we had a bit of a rock n rolling time (no surprises there then!) I just love rock n roll as it is so much fun to play and suits all abilities as you can stay on the chords or work on some of the tab parts! We started working on



which sounded great!

We also looked at



(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay


Everyday Tab


Blowin’ In the Wind

Then in the second session – we started work on this 80s classic


if you have never seen the video for this song….you have to do so NOW! it really is awesome!

take on me


and i was super impressed at how fast people picked up the chords, strumming and the tab part!

here is a demo of the song i recorded so you can get a sense of how it will sound


remember these dates for your diaries…

mon 10th June – TEAL BECK

sat 15th June – YORK UKULELE FESTIVAL! (details to follow soon)

sun 23rd June – Otley Walking Festival follow the Ukes (we’ll be playing in 3 different pubs over the course of a couple of hours – how much fun will that be?!)

sat 13th july – Kirkstall Festival

fri 19th july – Korks Wine Bar (with Otley A Cappella)

Sun 28th July – Otley Farmers Market/ Food Festival

I think that’s loads of really cool gigs coming up – each one an opportunity to show the world how much fun we have!! 😉 summer is a busy time for any gigging group…i have tried to select the gigs i think we will enjoy the most. i hope you will be able to play at some (or all!) of them…and then we’ll have a well deserved break from gigs.

Will be forwarding York details soon so please check you diaries and see if you can make it


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Hello all! another fantastic session on Monday evening where we carried on working on the songs from last week.

In the second session we had a run through some of the songs we will be performing at our next gig….sunday 28th april at 11am. We will be playing at the Buttercross (market sq, otley) as part of the farmers market and otley family fun day.

This will be a great community event and a wonderful opportunity to play for people who may have never heard us or heard OF us before!

Hope you can make it – either to watch or to play!

If you would like to play, please ensure you are able to come to the session on monday (22nd) and have a look at the songs we will be playing by clicking on this link 28.04.13 SET LIST in addition to this we will also play UMBRELLA (which will hopefully be ironic as the sun will be blindingly HOT!!!!) 🙂

See you monday!


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Here are some lovely photos taken at our recent After Show Party! Thought you might like to see how we have party….with ukuleles of course!!!


_IGP2262 _IGP2259 _IGP2249 _IGP2245 _IGP2235 _IGP2234 _IGP2230 _IGP2228 _IGP2225 _IGP2224 _IGP2221 _IGP2219 _IGP2217 _IGP2209 _IGP2208 _IGP2206

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Happy Spring Everyone!

it was great to be back after our 2 week break, i have really missed our monday night sessions so was glad to be reunited with my ukulele buddies! the woolpack all-stars gig was a great success so thank you everyone who played or supported us. There are DVDs available of the evening for £5 – email for more details. we have definitely progressed as a group since our last gig so all that hard work really paid off!

so last night we had an action packed 2 hours with some new songs and we worked on more finger-picking too.

In the first session we covered:

(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay – NEW!

Everyday Tab EVERYDAY OUO – NEW!

JOHNNY B GOODE – NEW! (lead part to come!)



In the second session we looked at:


Sunshine of Your Love (lyrics and chords) Sunshine of Your Love tab



Why this song?? well – i like to respond to requests as much as i can and the beauty of our group is that musical taste is so wide and varied. i have discovered so much music since starting the OUO than i ever would have. i am really grateful for it and i know there is so much more to find out about yet!

I also thought this could work well in our own style so thought about a fingerpicking verse contrasted with a heavier chorus. anyway – have a listen to the MP3 demo i have done and play along using the sheet music. fingerpicking is a great skill to master and we know it can work well in a performance setting so keep at it!




keep Sunday 28th April free (11am-11.30am) as we will be performing under the Buttercross in Otley whilst the farmers market is on. it’s a family fun day so should be a good one (hope it really is spring by then!)

ta ra for now!






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