Happy Spring Everyone!

it was great to be back after our 2 week break, i have really missed our monday night sessions so was glad to be reunited with my ukulele buddies! the woolpack all-stars gig was a great success so thank you everyone who played or supported us. There are DVDs available of the evening for £5 – email info@bighooha.co.uk for more details. we have definitely progressed as a group since our last gig so all that hard work really paid off!

so last night we had an action packed 2 hours with some new songs and we worked on more finger-picking too.

In the first session we covered:

(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay – NEW!

Everyday Tab EVERYDAY OUO – NEW!

JOHNNY B GOODE – NEW! (lead part to come!)



In the second session we looked at:


Sunshine of Your Love (lyrics and chords) Sunshine of Your Love tab



Why this song?? well – i like to respond to requests as much as i can and the beauty of our group is that musical taste is so wide and varied. i have discovered so much music since starting the OUO than i ever would have. i am really grateful for it and i know there is so much more to find out about yet!

I also thought this could work well in our own style so thought about a fingerpicking verse contrasted with a heavier chorus. anyway – have a listen to the MP3 demo i have done and play along using the sheet music. fingerpicking is a great skill to master and we know it can work well in a performance setting so keep at it!




keep Sunday 28th April free (11am-11.30am) as we will be performing under the Buttercross in Otley whilst the farmers market is on. it’s a family fun day so should be a good one (hope it really is spring by then!)

ta ra for now!






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