What will 2014 bring the Otley Ukulele Orchestra?!

I am hoping for…

a) lots of fun singing and strumming together
b) showing audiences far and wide how much fun we have singing and strumming together

don’t think i’m asking too much eh?!

well – we have had a little break and I have been busy working on songs to kick start our year in style. as always – I love your suggestions and so be patient… if you have asked for a song there is a good chance i have forgotten – you can always email me so you know i have it written down somewhere!

Our first session on a Monday 7pm-8pm is a fun sing-a-long suitable for players of all abilities. Complete beginners are welcome but may benefit from an hours tuition at some point. The second session 8pm-9pm is for anyone who would like to push their playing on by learning songs we will perform at gigs. Of course, all are welcome and if you do come to the second session there is no pressure to perform at concerts!



We had a look at this song only once before the Christmas rush took hold (photos are on their way!). I have managed to get round to doing a little demo for you so you can hear the strumming. It isn’t as hard as it sounds… although you do need to use bar chords so if you’ve struggled with these in the past, start having a go now! remember to have breaks when you’re practising bar chords to give your muscles a rest. use your thumb behind your first finger to get extra strength – the thumb should be on the middle of the neck (so someone in front of you couldn’t see it)

Here is all you need to have a go…





We have a gig 31st January at Cafe Lux in Pudsey. The gig will be raising money for families affected by breast cancer. Please keep an eye on Facebook for more details…

I am also running another beginners crash course! Please spread the word amongst any of your friends who you think might enjoy it

you can always email me jen@bighooha.co.uk for more details…

Uke Crash Course JAN FEB 2014

Think that is all for now…SEE YOU MONDAY IF YOU CAN MAKE IT!



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  1. This is what we’re hoping as well! <>

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