3rd February 2014 HAPPY!

Well we had an action packed few days this past weekend! Our gig at Cafe Lux raising money for The Haven Breast Cancer Support charity on Friday was fantastic. There was a great turn out and over £500 was raised. Lesley and Jill did a fantastic job of organising the event and I was so pleased that the OUO could provide the entertainment.

Last night we played for our friends at Tealbeck and I was overwhelmed with the amount of OUO members who came along. We have been asked back again and the feedback from the staff was very complimentary!

So we went back to The Woolpack for a session last night and looked at 2 new songs!



Pretty Woman demo




Happy with singing

Happy chords only – recorded slightly slower so you can practise along.

Happy is in the same key as Pharrell’s version so you can play along with his record. It’s a great song – don’t be put off by the chords – remember the little finger trick – it stays on the 3rd fret on the A string throughout the chorus… it will really speed up the chord changes.

See you soon you stunning strummers


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