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Happy New Year! Here’s to an incredible 2015…

It was absolutely fantastic to see so many people turn up for the first OUO of 2015! I had missed you all over the Christmas break.

Tell you what though – it was brilliant to get stuck into some new songs (as much as I love Christmas – I am happy to be doing some non-festive songs!).

I always get nervous when we start a new term…will people like the new songs? will people come back??!

Here’s what we got up to this week…

SESSION 1 7pm – 8pm

SESSION 2 8pm – 9pm

Our first this year is a fundraiser for an incredible young man called Sol.



If you’d like to come please get in touch – tickets £5!

Sol has requested we play this song…


Hope to see you soon!

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14th July 2014

This past weekend was another one fun-filled with Ukulele action!

Friday night was Julie and Gary’s party up in Menston. We had a great time playing for all their family and friends and enjoyed all the lovely food! Julie and Gary are a lovely couple and were very generous donating money to the OUO and also giving us all a bottle of wine!

Saturday was Kirkstall Festival which, once again, was glorious weather and a wonderful atmosphere. We loved entertaining the crowds gathered in the CLoisters. Such a lovely place to play.

I wish I had some photos of us playing!

The dramatic Kirkstall Abbey

The dramatic Kirkstall Abbey



Important Information!

MONDAY 21st July will be our last session
WEDNESDAY 23rd July is the strum and sing with RUG at The New Highwood (8pm)
THURSDAY 24th July is Summer Social with Otley A Cappella. Bring things to sit on, things to drink and games to play to Wharfemeadows Park (past skate park) for 7:30pm. We’ll play rounders! If weather terrible there will be a plan b – but check Facebook!

See you soon I hope

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9th June 2014

It was great to be back together again for a regular session at The Woolpack last night. It seems like ages with all the Bank Holidays and the Hope and Social event over the last month or so.

We’ve had some fantastic ukulele times though!

The gig at Korks on 1st June was absolutely brilliant. The blues workshop was really fun as we all did a 12-bar blues shuffle in C together. Then we had a reet good sing song together with Roundhay Ukulele Group along with our friends and families. Manitoba Hal commented on our enthusiasm, skill and the fact that we did ambitious songs! Of course I slipped him a free CD and said we’d be happy to travel trans-atlantic one day to visit! His performance was captivating… I could’ve easily listened to Manitoba Hal all evening. His voice was gutsy yet sweet and his playing style so light and melodious. It was so lovely to hear a different style of playing. We hope to welcome him back next time he is in the UK.

manitoba hal

Welcoming Rich from Hope and Social along to Korks to learn the songs was such a laugh. I really hope we can do some more gigs with them in the future. He too was impressed by our sing song at the beginning of the session and loved our songs. We loved his too! Good fun to strum too.

Hope and Social

The gig itself on Saturday morning was not ruined by the heavy rain – in fact it stopped as we piled onto the stage with the band. It was such a great experience to play with so many people from our community. I loved the ambition and the idea behind the event that we had to get involved. It was great to see OUO and RUG getting to the front of the stage!!

Well done everyone!!

hope 2

COMING UP NEXT – 2 really fun events to get involved with!

Otley Carnival – spaces limited (21st) and Otley Walking Festival – everyone welcome (22nd)


We had a look at a few songs we have been working on recently as well as these two new ones…


Keep up the hard work and see you very soon I hope

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17th February 2014



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8th July 2013

Hello all!

We had another fantastic session last night and it was lovely to play outside the Woolpack for 2 whole hours. I am sure our new neighbours at North Bar loved the entertainment and we got some applause from various passers by!

OUO 08.07.13

OUO 2 08.07.13



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