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Week 8…Back to the Future!

i have to say i am having a little love affair with the 1950’s at the moment….i am listening to a lot of gene vincent and ray charles, trying to imagine myself in a cool dress singing along and playing the uke!!

so that’s what led me to this weeks song “it’s now or never” (ok so strictly 1960…but i know you will forgive me the 7 month difference….). it was released 52 years ago this week but still sounds totally timeless to me.

i just love the sound of the record; the vocal harmonies, the guitar lines and all the reverb. i just knew the OUO could do an amazing version of it…so i set about arranging it. Find the CHORDS and LYRICS here it’s Now or Never CHORDS and LYRICS we had to learn 2 new chords… A major and B minor (another bar chord!) but everyone persevered and by 7pm we were all singing the chorus at the top of our lungs!

my idea for this song was to try and replicate a few of the lovely melodic details that are on the elvis recording…such as the guitar line in the verse. i have notated it for the uke so have a look and see what you think It’s Now or Never NOTATION and TAB…it might just make sense if you have a listen to a little home recording i did of it earlier (i got a bit carried away!) and follow the music. anyway…there is half with vocals/lead uke parts and half that just has the chords so you can practise/sing a long if the moment takes you….! find my audio version here….It’s Now or Never mp3

so that’s all for this weeks instalment. and so i will leave you with the words of marty mcfly as we lead the ukulele revolution….”nobody calls me chicken!” sorry i mean….. “i guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet…but your kids are gonna love it” (this is my other geeky obsession….anything back to the future related!)

see you next week for more ukulele fun!


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