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Hello! here is one of the requests from the OUO that i had a listen to and really enjoyed (i have to say i preferred The Carpenters version!). It went down well this week and we played the tab part as an introduction and it worked well. the song was a great suggestion – it’s fun to sing and only has 2 chords so is relatively straight forward. D7 is a new chord but you will find the chord diagrams, tab and lyrics here! JAMBALAYA

so next week we won’t be learning any new songs but will consolidate the ones we have started already. it is really cool to see (and hear!) the improvements we are all making and the songs are really taking shape. it was great to hear you all having a go at the tab part too.

is may still be early days but i think we are going to be the best thing to come out of otley since that chippendale the furniture maker! see you next week!

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June 12, 2012 · 8:36 am