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This week at Junior OUO….

i never go on about the junior OUO but i should do more….and i will. i thought you would like to know what they are getting up to these days!

the suggestion this week was GET BACK by the beatles and of course i was happy to oblige! i love that THEY love the beatles almost as much as me!! i am really looking forward to going through all the parts together on saturday morning (we now meet at 9am on saturdays during the school term).

so here are the Get Back LYRICS AND CHORDS, the Get Back TAB and a little blast of what it sounds like (excuse the voice – still recovering from a weird throaty cough thing) Get Back AUDIO.


in other news i was happy to accompany a friend who was buying a ukulele today. we had a great road trip to HOBGOBLIN in leeds. http://www.hobgoblin.com/shops/leeds/ YOU HAVE TO GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO BUY A UKE! and take me with you!! they have some incredible ukuleles for sale and the staff were so helpful and happy for us to try (nearly all of them) out. i loved the carvalho portuguese ukes but will have to save up a bit first!!

AND don’t forget our gig this saturday….really hope to see a lovely crowd there singing along with us. the old cock, otley 6.30pm….BE THERE!



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