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one new song and lots of people!

what an incredible evening last night – and the fact that so many came despite the gales and horizontal rain! it was lovely to welcome some new faces too.

inspired by the weather….we had a look at Blowin’ In the Wind, a three chord beauty of a song that is great one to get to help you get to grips with G and D especially.

so final arrangements are in place for our gig on saturday – if you’re playing, we’re meeting at the woolpack at 1.30pm (if you want a lift) or 2pm at the Trinity Church in Bramley. try to wear blue on your top half if you don’t have a OUO t-shirt and tell your friends to come – £6 (for charity) for the concert AND afternoon tea! what better way to spend a wintry saturday?? we have some great new songs for you that we have been working on and a surprise or two as well!

and no blog post would be complete without a bit of bob….



see ya!


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even the thunder and lightening didn’t put us off!


seriously…..this was happening when i left the house! (it could almost be the chevin?!)


every week i am bowled over by the commitment, determination and hard work all the players put in to the OUO, not only in regards to their playing but also in actually dragging themselves out of the house on a stormy monday evening in january. much much respect! we did lots of playing in both sessions and looked at more tab playing and some strumming techniques too – so we made loads of progress!

of course we are gearing up for the next gig (9th FEBRUARY – BRAMLEY TRINITY METHODIST CHAPEL, 2.30PM!) so we looked at the following songs over the 2 sessions…

LA BAMBA chords and lyrics LA BAMBA – tab – get practising your espanol!

DON’T YOU WANT ME – tab DON’T YOU WANT ME chords+lyrics

LOVE ME TENDER – keep practising the chorus especially


Cecilia – watch the timing on the ‘up in my bed-room’ bit!

Stand By Me (sibelius tab) STAND BY ME – everyone to play riff a or riff b in the intro

I’m a Believer – TAB I’m a Believer

it’s now or never CHORDS and LYRICS pdf It’s Now or Never NOTATION and TAB

so that means we have a few songs to look at in next week’s session which we will be playing in bramley so i hope you can make it next monday from 6.30pm.

here is the set list for the gig ouo 09.02.13 set list see what you reckon…we have done so many songs!

ta ta for now my lovely strummers!






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a snowy monday evening in otley….

hey everyone,

we had a select gathering last night – but we made an almighty noise! we had fun looking at a few songs and we concentrated on getting the chords, strumming and tab parts down to these songs


I Walk the Line (amended)


then we looked at these new songs….both with tab parts so have a try

DON’T YOU WANT ME chords+lyrics (it would be great to play this on the 9th for our LOVE! gig!)


get practising your finest espanol for…..

LA BAMBA chords and lyrics

LA BAMBA – tab

it was such fun to play the new songs…..hope you enjoy them too.

check out the demo of don’t you want me here…..

hope to see you next week






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new songs, new chords and new techniques for the new year!

i have to tell you i am pretty excited about 2013 for the otley ukulele orchestra.

especially if tonight is anything to go by! it was lovely to welcome so many new faces and all the familiar ones that have become the highlight of my week. mondays totally rock.

so in the first hour this evening we looked at a few songs focussed on the holy trinity of ukulele chords, C, F and G.

a few oldies


You Are My Sunshine

and a newie (you all know by now how i love 1950s rock and roll)

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin Lead

this is a great tune as it is a 12 bar blues – the ‘lead’ part really adds that classic line to complete the rock n roll feel.

FOXY LADY – this also sounded AWESOME! you never thought it would sound awesome on a uke but believe brothers and sisters…it truly does

then in the second session (and thinking about our next valentines themed performance) we looked at these new ones…



unchained melody finger picking

i will post a video tutorial unchained melody as the finger-picking techniques can be difficult to master at first. but bear with it. it already sounds so lovely and dream like. all it takes is practise.

so more next week. at least one new love themed one coming up…our post-ouo gig pint at the old cock (best pub in otley) always results in some excellent song suggestions and musical revelations!

remember the junior ouo will be meeting for the first time this year this saturday (12th jan) at 9am. we have extended the session to an hour now…so we can really cram the new songs in!

see ya!

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