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Week 11 (23.07.12) hello sunshine!

nothing like a little bit of sunshine to keep the great mood going from the gig yesterday (it was so cool – photos to follow!). but i wish i had taken a picture of us all playing together outside tonight in the courtyard as it was such a lovely evening.

when i was thinking about starting to learn a new song, i knew it had to be something lovely, something different but a little bit challenging . naturally i went for  a traditional hawaiian song! you all know “aloha oe”…but do you know anything about it? i didn’t until today….


meet queen liliuokalani (born sept. 2, 1838, honolulu, hawaii —died nov. 11, 1917, honolulu). she was the first and only reigning hawaiian queen and the last hawaiian sovereign to govern the islands, which were annexed by the US in 1898. queen liliuokalani was head of the Oni pa’a “stand firm” movement, whose motto was “hawaii for the hawaiians.” despite her fight against annexation of the islands by the US, annexation occurred in July 1898 – the same year that she composed “aloha oe,” on the ukulele, a song synonymous with the islands ever since.

ok history lesson over…. “aloha oe” is a beautiful song. the traditional swung strum pattern is a difficult one to master as you need to mute the strings with your palm. however, by the end of the hour we were sounding pretty on it! we also looked at the tab (the ukulele’s playing the melody) in a lot of detail. i want people to lose their fear of tab and notation…so i have tried to present it in the most non-threatening way possible. you can find music from tonight here ALOHA OE.

i found music theory really difficult at school and it totally put me off. but there is no denying it makes more sense than the tab i have written previously. like i said this evening…it is worth putting the time in as it can only get easier and easier the more we do together.

audio/video to follow!

see you next week


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