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18th May 2015

It was brilliant to welcome back Manitoba Hal to Otley this weekend. He did a very informative and theory based workshop on how to change any song into any key. It was all about the circle of fifths and I really took some practical tips away from it. I always find that songs are not in a good key for me to sing so always spend ages trying to work out how to transpose a song for the group. After the workshop we had a strum-a-long with Roundhay Ukulele Group, which is always fun! Manitoba Hal then performed songs from his new album “Dancing In The Moonlight”. He uses loops and a double necked guitar to get lots of texture into his performance. It was truly captivating.

Manitoba Hal live at Korks

Manitoba Hal live at Korks

A big thank you to Korks for hosting the evening.

You can check out more about Manitoba Hal here…

At our session this week we looked at some new songs…

No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley and The Wailers
I’m A Believer – The Monkees
Weather With You – Crowded House

We have been practising the songs with multiple parts and lovely harmony singing too. It was sounding really lovely!

In the 8pm session we focussed on the Carnival songs

Lovely Rita
Getting Better
Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
With a Little Help From My Friends

But they are sounding so great all ready I think they might stay in the set for good!!! They are really fun to play!

Remember there is no session next week for the Bank Holiday and our next gig is on 30th May at Nell Bank Ilkley for Disability Rocks. We’ll be on between 1pm -3pm. Here is the set list!

OUO MAY 2015

We’ve loads coming up in June so hopefully see you very soon!


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Winter is approaching…

… so why not keep the cold at bay by joining us on a Monday night for some ukulele action?! it certainly warmed us right up last night! but then, i did work you hard… 3 new songs, 2 of them Christmas ones!!

But we have a lot to get done before Christmas. Get your pen ready!

Sat 9th Nov – Otley Beer Fest (7pm, Otley Rugby Club)
Mon 2nd Dec – Christmas Lights Switch on (6pm, Otley Market Sq)
Sun 22nd Dec – CHRISTMAS PARTY WITH OTLEY A CAPPELLA! (from 7.30pm, Korks)
Mon 23rd Dec – Tealbeck Christmas Concert (6:30pm)

and also keep Fri 31st Jan free… we have a New Year charity gig confirmed. details to follow.

So last night we looked at these songs from 7pm-8pm



money tab




and then in the second session…



a little word about this song. it is not as hard as it looks! It uses chords you know G, Am, C, D, Dm and F. There are also SUSPENDED (sus) versions of these chords

***warning! technical bit!***

sus chords replace one of the notes in the major chord (usually the major or minor third) with either a perfect fourth (sus4) or a major second (sus2). The lack of a minor or a major third in the chord creates movement and a tension that wants to be resolved by going back to the more familiar major or minor chord.

basically one note in the chord changes to create feeling and movement in the song.

In war is over – you are only moving one note at a time to create the sus sound. You will only ever change the note on ONE STRING AT A TIME per chord – for example G – you will only change the position of your fingers on the A string (2nd fret, 0 open string, 3rd fret, back to 2nd fret). don’t get bogged down with having to learn the names of the chords… listen to the movement of the song and get a sense of the order in which you are adding and taking away the notes. I will put up a recording of this section ASAP for you to practise to.

then we finished off the session with…




any questions, queries, comments always welcome!

ta ra for now!



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what’s your favourite…..?!

i don’t know about anyone else but i thought that was a pretty intense (but awesome as always!) ukulele session this evening! we rattled through the songs and there was a lot to take in with the new chords, new songs and then in the second session, preparing for the gig on friday!

we spent some time tonight in the first session looking at a couple of newies…..

WE’LL MEET AGAIN – some lovely chord changes although some new ones to learn

BLUE CHRISTMAS – first christmas song of the season!

and we also revisited HOUND DOG from last week, then EIGHT DAYS A WEEK and I’m a Believer


in the second session we concentrated on the songs for friday. we are really excited about playing at the otley beer festival – hopefully there will be some samples left for us when we have finished 😀 !

check out the SET LIST FOR FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER and download/email me if you need any info or print outs etc.

we will be meeting and having a run through some of the songs at the woolpack 6pm-6.45pm (if you can make it) then walking to the rugby club for 7pm. on stage between 8pm and 8.30pm and we will play about an hour. please make sure you are at the rugby club for 8pm AT THE LATEST. if you have your OUO t-shirt then please wear that if not then something blue/white on the top half would be cool.

i can’t wait for FRIDAY!

final thought for the day…… F#dim! my new favourite chord!






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1st October 2012

hello everyone – just a quick note to say that i have amended GET BACK and I WALK THE LINE so please have a look here….

Get Back (amended)

I Walk the Line (amended)

but in other news – we are delighted to be able to play for the residents at TEAL BECK house this evening (meet at the woolpack 6pm) and hope that this will be the first of many special performances for our community. if you have a community group or know of any that would like us to entertain them then please get in touch with us.


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This week at Junior OUO….

i never go on about the junior OUO but i should do more….and i will. i thought you would like to know what they are getting up to these days!

the suggestion this week was GET BACK by the beatles and of course i was happy to oblige! i love that THEY love the beatles almost as much as me!! i am really looking forward to going through all the parts together on saturday morning (we now meet at 9am on saturdays during the school term).

so here are the Get Back LYRICS AND CHORDS, the Get Back TAB and a little blast of what it sounds like (excuse the voice – still recovering from a weird throaty cough thing) Get Back AUDIO.


in other news i was happy to accompany a friend who was buying a ukulele today. we had a great road trip to HOBGOBLIN in leeds. http://www.hobgoblin.com/shops/leeds/ YOU HAVE TO GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO BUY A UKE! and take me with you!! they have some incredible ukuleles for sale and the staff were so helpful and happy for us to try (nearly all of them) out. i loved the carvalho portuguese ukes but will have to save up a bit first!!

AND don’t forget our gig this saturday….really hope to see a lovely crowd there singing along with us. the old cock, otley 6.30pm….BE THERE!



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week 14 (10.09.12) – what a productive evening?!

well as you know monday is my favourite day of the week as the OUO pretty much brightens my whole week…let alone day! and what better way to spend your monday evening than singing cool songs on cool ukuleles with cool people?!

tonight we had 2 sessions and i hope everyone felt as uplifted as i did from working hard at the new songs and enjoying the fact that they sounded instantly brilliant! surely a sign that we are working so well as an orchestra…each person finding their own role in each song. i also LOVED the fact that the new people who came along for the first or second time tonight gave so much energy and were helped (when needed!) by those who have been coming for a while. basically – you can tell i am feeling the ukulele love tonight!!

anyways….back to business – find the new songs we did here (EIGHT DAYS A WEEKI’m a BelieverI’m a Believer – TAB) – watch this space for the audio and video!

here comes the obligatory picture this week…. 

and don’t forget – spread the word about our otley folk festival appearance – the old cock, otley, 22.09.12. it’s going to be AMAZING!


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